Bespoke Flooring

“Trevor’s company fitted flooring and carpet today which was no easy job as our house is an older property with lots of quirks that needed sorting! I cannot fault the service or the finish, absolutely first rate, would recommend 100%.”

Bespoke Flooring in Weston-super-Mare

We know that when it comes to flooring one size does not necessarily fit all. Here at Smiths Carpets & Flooring we can accommodate the needs of any sized room in any colour, with or without a hand stitched boarder, stair rods, skiffers or solid door bars. Even if you want to mix your colours and design your own, we can do that too!

If you have an awkward shaped room or just want to let the budding designer in you loose, pop in and see us.

The benefits of wool carpets

New Zealand wool is: The brighter choice, being whiter with a higher lustre than other wools for cleaner pastel shades and deeper black.

British wool is: Hard wearing, cost effective and coarser.

The benefits of all wool products are that they are fire resistant, hard-wearing, easy to care for, sustainable and hypoallergenic.


The room you are buying your beautiful custom made carpet for might not be a regular square or rectangle. What if the room is an L shape or a T shape?. This is where our made to plan service comes in and we make your carpet to the shape of your room. This can cut down on expensive waste.

Ranges available:

  • 100% Wool Saxony/Velvet
  • 100% Wool Shag Pile
  • 80/20 Wool/Nylon Twist
  • fabulous Hand Crafted Border Collection
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Creating your own bespoke carpet has never been easier! Simply pop in and see us and we will show you how …

We can create you a unique Axminster carpet for your home or workplace. Alternatively Hugh Mackay also offer a range of wool, man made, plains, berber, zig zag and safari print carpets.

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Westex are able to match any colour throughout their carpet ranges, their extensive colour bank and dedicated dye house offer you the ability to choose bespoke colours to effortlessly complete your interior scheme.

Westex are UK manufactures of premium carpets for over 35 years, they combine excellence in innovation, performance and design to create durable, luxury and resilient 80/20 wool nylon and 100% wool carpets. The carpets are available in multi colour matching widths.

Ranges available:

  • 80/20 Twist pile
  • Velvet pile
  • 100% wool
  • Natural loop
  • Silken velvet
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Why Alternative?

Alternative Flooring is an award-winning lifestyle brand that brings high-quality, design-led textures, pattern and colour to carpet, rugs and runners.
It has collaborated with some of the best designers to create original patterned carpets, including Ashley Hicks, Margo Selby, Ben Pentreath and Ella Doran. It has worked alongside The Robin and Lucienne Day Foundation to launch authentic runners from archives designs of the most influential and best loved 20th-century designers, Lucienne day. It has taken the most desirable Zoffany and famous Liberty Fabrics prints and given them a beautiful new visualisation as carpet.
Alternative is also about texture. From the wonders of wool with the deep pile luxury of undyed Barefoot carpet to the extensive naturals collections of seagrass, sisal, jute and coir.

At Alternative, discover a world of inspiration and innovation with a creative dose of great British heritage.

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About Kersaint Cobb

Walk across the world with us…

The hills of New Zealand, the beaches of India, the forests of Asia, the deserts of Africa and South America, these are just some of the places where the story of our beautiful natural floorcovering range begins.

Subtle shades and rich tones have been sourced from the finest producers across the world. Their natural surroundings provide the inspiration for our traditional and modern designs that will bring character and richness into your home.

From the softness and warmth of wool to the exciting textures of grass, jute, coir and sisal, our selection reflects the variety and beauty of the natural world in which we live.

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