High-quality homewares from independent UK businesses

Here at Smiths our aim is to provide unique, high-quality products from small, independent UK businesses.

We all have a responsibility to try and do our bit for the environment no matter how small.

Our hope is to find suppliers as close to us as possible, using eco friendly materials and not forsaking the passion and care that comes from somebody personally taking pride in the reputation of their business. We are not completely there, we still have work to do but we have made a start.

See below for some of the homewares that we currently stock, from independent suppliers throughout the UK.


The Natural Blanket Company’s products are consciously designed, sourced and weaved in the British Iles. They Strongly believe in supporting British manufacturers and artisan producers, contributing to our communities and the skilled people they employ. Their manufacturing partners pride themselves in the quality, attention to detail and customer satisfaction.

NBC Orange


Lily-Flame: This Glastonbury based scented candle company started life in 1994 when the founder Jo and her business partner Luc travelled to markets across the country in a former Royal Mail van (called Martha!) selling candles at markets. The original ‘candle in a tin’ – Lily-Flame pioneered the now iconic tin design you see from so many candle manufacturers today, so you can be confident that you are truly buying from the best.


The Original Welsh candle co: Beautifully scented, good quality candles. All of their candles are hand poured in Wales, employing local people, supporting local businesses.

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Northern Wood Co candles: These are poured by hand in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and their simple, eco-conscious range is designed to create the perfect mood.

Waxaroma: These luxury home candles are made from eco friendly soy wax, and are vegan and cruelty free.

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Natural homewares

Ginko Design: This husband and wife run company focuses on unique, sustainable and elegant designs and are based in Warwickshire. We have several of their gorgeous products available.


Natural rugs

Natural and organic fibres are the go-to for responsible rugs. These are usually biodegradable, their production doesn’t involve huge amounts of fertilizer and pesticides, and natural fibres have unique qualities such as in-built flame retardant and antimicrobial constituents.


Green and Heath made in Bristol

Green & Heath is on a mission to shape a better future of sustainable textiles manufacturing in the UK. Investing in great quality pieces that will last not just season after season, but year after year and be passed down through generations.

Mustard and Gray Made in Shrewsbury

Mustard and Gray aims to remain focused on supporting the independent retail market. Wherever possible, all of her products are UK-made, focusing on quality, sustainability, and durability. Wherever possible, all of their products are UK-made, focusing on quality, sustainability, and durability.

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RD Glass

Beautiful, handmade designs such as candle holders and bowls. Made in Cumbria and designed with affordability in mind, these gorgeous pieces will brighten up your home without breaking the bank!

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Windsor and White

Windsor & White is a truly British brand (products such as cushions and lampshades are designed, printed and made in England), the factory runs on 100% renewable energy, and they have offset their minimal carbon footprint with donations to reforestation projects. As the brand grows, so will their efforts to continue with the ethos of being eco-friendly, innovative and bridging the gap between luxury design and affordable prices. For every one product ordered a tree is planted, they are completely vegan, Made in England, made to order and powered by renewable energy.

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Paper High Mango Wood

All of their mango wood products are hand carved by WFTO (World Fair Trade Organisation) accredited producers in India. They are made entirely by hand using traditional skills handed down from generation to generation. Mango trees have an extremely long life but eventually do stop bearing fruit and are replaced by younger trees. As India produces, by far, the most mangos in the world this results in a massive industry using one of the most sustainable woods known to man.

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Selbrae House is an established, independent, family business who offers a wide range of quality products with their design and manufacture rooted in Scotland.

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  • Bascuda Ceramics
  • Bascuda Ceramics
  • Bascuda Ceramics
  • Bascuda Ceramics

Handmade ceramics from Bascuda

Bascuda are based in Maidenhead and are a team of creative people, they are passionate about producing beautiful handmade ceramics. They wanted to create a niche product that customers would enjoy, enhance and beautify their lifestyle.