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“Excellent service from start to finish, easier to match colour schemes when you have all the samples in the room and fitting was second to none. Highly recommend.”

Luxury Vinyl Tiles in Weston-super-Mare

Harvey Maria

We wanted to wave goodbye to boring flooring, and replace it with something that would breathe new life into rooms all over the home, beginning in the back bedroom of a house in Battersea together with a loveable, live-wire dog called Harvey. And, as you’ve probably guessed, it was Harvey who gave the company its name.

Our quirky floor tiles quickly established Harvey Maria’s reputation for individual and innovative design, with loyal customers travelling to the house to collect their new floors. It’s fair to say that we’ve moved on a bit since those days, with people all over the world choosing Harvey Maria flooring for their homes.
You’re also equally likely to see one of our designs gracing the interior of shops, restaurants and boutique hotels. Our exclusive designer collaborations have added a little extra glamour to our collection, and we’re lucky enough to be working with some of the biggest names in British design.

Of course, there’s no better endorsement than the wonderful photos you send us every day. So much of our inspiration comes from your real homes & commercial spaces, and we showcase a selection on our Customer Floor Gallery. We’ve always said that floors should take centre stage, and you’ve really shown us how.

Harvey Maria Luxury Vinyl Tiles

An innovative collection of pattern and colour, coordinating effortlessly for a bespoke floor design that’s in perfect harmony with your interior with many unique flooring designs to choose from.


From the initial idea born out of the UK Midlands to what is now a leading global brand of luxury vinyl flooring, Karndean and its founder, Mike Walker, have taken both the company and its employees on quite the journey over the past forty years.

With a bit of sadness for what has gone and plenty of optimism for the future, we are proud to be celebrating our company this year. And in celebrating our company we’re also celebrating our product. A product we’re all passionate about – a product that has been inspired by nature and designed with your needs in mind.

So thank you for supporting us and our designflooring over the years – and here’s to the next 40!

Scroll through the timeline above to learn more about the journey we’ve taken over the last 40 years. You can also click on the links to the left to read more about where we’ve come from and who’s gotten us here, what we strive to achieve, and how you can create the perfect Karndean floor for your home.

Karndean DesignFlooring

Karndean Designflooring brings the ageless beauty of natural flooring to your home without the hassle. Floors with all the wondrous individuality of wood grain, the luminosity of marble and the subtle textures of limestone and slate, but much easier to install and look after. You can create an even more individual looking floor by laying the flooring at different angles or patterns or choosing finishing touches like borders or inserts to create a customized look.

Each plank and tile is carefully designed for authenticity. They don’t look uniform or manufactured but convey all the great characteristics of natural materials. Colours are defined with variable shades and tones, just as they are in natural wood or stone. Comfortable and practical, Karndean is softer, warmer to the touch, and easy to clean without the porous qualities of wood and some stones.

This luxury and comfort is not at the expense of strength, design flooring is hard-wearing. We use the latest technology and the most durable materials to make Karndean Designflooring last. We offer a Lifetime guarantee on our floors providing you with a long-lasting investment for your home. One of the distinguishing characteristics of a Karndean floor is the highly customizable product ranges. Customers have the ability to create and design a floor that is unique to their personal style and space by adding decorative strips, borders, and design features.

To complement or contrast planks or tiles, these decorative strips can be used to create detailed features like a border or a natural-looking grouting effect. From adding decorative borders around furniture and room perimeters to arranging plank and tile in various patterns, Karndean Designflooring can accentuate any space. To create an even more distinct look, customers can incorporate one of Karndean’s seven custom design features. If customers prefer to sketch their own design feature, Karndean will work with retailers to sketch a truly distinctive feature for their space.

Quick Step

The sealed top layer of your Quick-Step vinyl floor features our revolutionary Stain Guard technology. The best stain resistance technology of its kind, it keeps your floor spotless and gives dirt and even scuff marks no chance. Quick-Step’s rigid and luxury vinyl planks also feature Scratch Guard: this innovative technology protects your new floor against scratches better than any similar product on the market today.

Water-repellent technology combined with the patented Uniclic click system prevent water from damaging your floor. This makes luxury vinyl floors not only easy to clean, but also a suitable flooring choice for every room in the house: from your living room to your bathroom or kitchen.

Quick-Step Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Discover Quick-Step’s Livyn luxury vinyl flooring, created to brighten up your home interior with a natural look and warm materials. Its protective top layer makes sure your floor will remain as beautiful as the very first day.

Quick Step LVT
  1. A high-performance top layer: this protective layer with Scratch and Stain Guard technology protects your floors from dirt, stains and scratches, and makes them easy to clean and maintain. The extra matt gloss finish guarantees a natural look.
  2. A fine-printed vinyl decor layer: the high-grade printing technique used for this layer gives your vinyl floor its unique and authentic appearance.
  3. A strong impact-resistant vinyl core: this waterproof and sound-reducing vinyl core provides comfort and durability.
  4. An extra stabilising layer: this layer contains super dense glass fibres to give the vinyl floor additional dimensional stability.
  5. A highly efficient impact-resistant vinyl backing: this moisture-resistant layer guarantees a perfectly balanced floor board which prevents cupping or warping.
victoria design flooring

Victoria Design Floors is the hard flooring division of Victoria Carpets. Both Distinctive Flooring and Universal Flooring brands both reside under the Victoria Design Floors banner.

We have been designing and creating luxury vinyl tiles since 2008. LVT is not only a practical flooring solution for today’s busy homes, ours is also beautiful. Available in both wood and stone designs, our floors are made by laying plank, parquet, herringbone planks or tile designs together to replicate a real wood or stone floor. Unlike the real thing however, our floors come without any of the draw backs.

Dryback & Click LVT

You’ve heard the term; LVT, you may even know that it stands for Luxury Vinyl Tiles, but what exactly are our planks made from, and why would you pick dryback over click?


Dryback LVT

Referred to as either dryback or stick down, this is your standard LVT product. It can vary in thickness from 2 – 3 mm and needs to be bonded to the floor with either a self-adhesive underlay or glue.

Subfloor preparation is key for this product which is why we always recommend that you get a fully trained installer to fit your floor. The work put into making sure your subfloor is perfect, will lead to the best possible installation and a floor that will look perfect for years to come.

Click LVT

Our click planks are made using a stone polymer compound. This means that they are super strong. They also benefit from 5G push click technology which makes installation even easier.

They come with built in underlay which not only helps with noise reduction of up to 20dB, it also allows your sub floor to be a little less than perfect. So if you have original tiles that you don’t want to dig up, or existing floor boards; as long as your floor is dry, smooth and crack free, installation using these won’t be a problem.

Brampton Chase Logo

Add natural character to any space with a Brampton Chase Luxury Floor. Each collection is made from contemporary materials and finished with a premium surface design.

Brampton Chase are an independent company based in the heart of Great Britain and specialise in high-performance floors that last a lifetime. They are passionate about product quality and delivering the perfect balance between style and practicality, offering beautiful floors created for both commercial and residential projects

All their floors are waterproof, highly durable, comfortable underfoot, easy to clean and compatible with underfloor heating systems – all backed up with unrivalled customer support. You and your flooring are in safe hands with Brampton Chase.

Brampton Chase floors are suitable for domestic and commercial use. Every Brampton Chase floor is chosen through a diligent selection process. From build to beauty their products are hand-picked, tested and certified.

From base strength to surface finish, every layer of our products have been carefully considered. Their promise is to offer a refined selection of floors that perform above and beyond for our customers.

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0010916 brampton chase stone ultra quay mist 550

Caring for your Brampton Chase flooring

Caring for your floor Do not use a steam cleaner of any type. These are not recommended for our floors, the intense heat can damage the composite structure of your floor.

  • Apply felt protection pads to the base of furniture which sits directly on the flooring.
  • Use load bearing castors where appropriate.
  • Avoid sliding or dragging furniture or other heavy objects along the floor.
  • Knock off dirt, grit and moisture from shoes by making sure you have adequate entrance matting. • Sweep regularly with a soft brush.
  • Avoid overusing cleaners. Poor diluting or excessive use can build up a residue on the floor surface over time. Also too much cleaning solution can breakdown the PU protection layer and dull the finish of your floor.
  • Do not use any cleaners or detergents that are bleach based or industrial strength. • Mop up spills as soon as possible to reduce risks of slipping or staining.
  • Keep animal claws trimmed and manicured. Day to Day Cleaning There are a plethora of cleaning products available for all types of floors, we highly recommend using the Dr Schutz Luxury Vinyl Tile Cleaner (R1000) in conjunction with their complete care kit. This has everything you need to care for and protect your Brampton Chase floor.

General Cleaning Guidance

  1. Sweep well with a soft brush to gather and remove dust and fluff.
  2. Gently vacuum around using the correct soft attachment. It’s important to clear any grit of rough dust to avoid the risk of dragging it when mopping.
  3. Follow the instructions on how best to dilute the cleaner so not to leave excess residue. Mop with a soft headed cleaner and remove any excess liquid.
  4. Allow to dry. If you see any residue this can be gently buffed out with a soft cloth Strip Back and Refresh An easy way to maximise the longevity of your floor and ensure that it is maintained correctly for sustained protection is through the Dr Schutz clean, strip and refresh system. The basics are outlined below:
  • Dr Schutz cleaning kits include a ‘clean and strip’ solution which strips back any previously applied protective solutions.
  • Once the floor is stripped back and dry you then apply the ‘refresh’ solution (as per the product guidelines) to cover your floor in a new protective layer. We recommend Dr Schutz Care Kits These kits feature all the essentials you need for taking care of your vinyl tile flooring. Dr Schutz are an international brand leader in floor care, providing specialist products tailored to work with specific floor types. Dr Schutz Care Kits can be purchased through your local retailer and include: • 750ml Clean and Strip • 750ml Floor Mat fluid (Refresh) • 750ml Floor Cleaner R1000 • 1x Universal Pad Holder • 1x Polish Applicator ‘Refresh’ Pad (white) • 1x Stripping Pad (green) • Full set of furniture protectors • Instruction Guide We recommend Dr Schutz for care of your flooring